Aiden Driver delves deep with his exceptional new single release.  

Aiden Driver is one artist who we just can’t keep up with! The Stirling hailing musician is building incredible momentum with an impressive onslaught of releases, his new single ‘Coping Mechanisnt’s’ marks his seventh release of the year and honestly, we just can’t get enough of it!

Driver’s hard work and dedication is paying off as he has recently been featured by Jim Gellaty on Amazing Radio, and this is only the beginning of Driver’s upwards trajectory.

Sonically ‘Coping Mechanisnt’s’ is very raw; the track commences with slow, stripped back acoustic guitar before we hear Driver’s signature soothing melodic vocals. The second verse sees the gentle introduction of electronic elements which make for an overall glistening arrangement and a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.     

Lyrically the track is equally masterful as it highlight’s Driver’s impressive introspective song writing ability. Covering themes of alcohol dependency, isolation and mental health, the lyrics are easy to relate to. It is this honesty and openness that we love so much about Driver’s music.

He commented: “This song is about me going sober, almost ironic because the last song was about going under.  Here marks a step in a positive direction for myself by removing a poison from my life that I was so sure was helping, until it wasn’t.”

Don’t forget to stream ‘Coping Mechanisms’ and follow Aiden on all the socials below to keep up with new releases! 

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