Leif Coffield is a 24-year-old singer-songwriter and producer who is emerging from the shadows with a unique take on gothic electro-pop. Now, with the release of ‘monsta-san’ – his most ambitious track to date – Coffield confirms himself as undoubtedly one of the most exciting and inspired young names around.

Originally from East Kilbride, Coffield moved to Chapelton in South Lanarkshire when he was 18, where he lived in a run-down caravan for three years. It was here he found his voice which, like his surroundings, he describes as, “cold, dark and broken.” This morbid environment is reflected in his new single, ‘monsta-san’.

Leif Coffield, says: “the track centres around the idea of feeling helpless, controlled,manipulated, yet in love. Theatricising the feeling of being completely at the mercy of your lover, it talks of how the girl in question has made a place for me to exist, essentially taking the role as my creator, governing my every move and squashing any hopes and dreams I may have.”

Listen to the new single below:

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