“Oh Caledonia, Can’t You Put On A Show”

Jack Boa – Discovery Music

Audio Glasgow, one of the dear green places premium gig venues. Housed in the same block as the resting place of the well known venue The Arches, the area sure has a music venue history with Audio, MacSorley’s and the classic grand all within the same junction. As per a gig held in the venue, Audio lived up to that reputation by partnering up with Nicole Hamill to put on this absolutely soul busting gig.

 There was an air-piercing atmosphere during soundcheck for both sets of bands. Being from the general area this was a hometown gig for The Crails who knew exactly what they had to do, exhibiting a grainy and amp destroying warmup.

ZenDen hailing from Scotland’s east coast city of Dundee, they were determined to tell us exactly what us Glaswegians were missing , as a 95 mile one-way trip is no small journey.

As a result, what they gave us was seriously impressive.

ZenDen – Jack Boa.

“Radio announcement, Dundee Calling”

Jack Boa – Discovery Music


Groovy, moving and a hell of a lot of fun, ZenDen really took the opportunity and went for it. Delivering a blues heavy, rock filled performance akin to the likes of Soundgarden with the deployment of fuzz fueled bass, rigorous guitar combos from both rhythm and lead. Two focus points from ZenDen would be their excellent tightness as a group, each song was just performed like a well oiled rock and roll machine.

Secondly the vocals which transported me back to being a kid listening to 90s rock anthems with my dad. ZenDen upholds a hallucinogenic grunge sound that I absolutely admire.

ZenDen consist of : 

Logan Howett – Vocals – Guitar

Robbie Borthwich – Bass – Guitar – Vocals

Ben Walker – Lead Guitar – Bass

Sam Walker – Drums/ Percussion

See ZenDen at Room 2, Glasgow on 23.4.22 for another excellent gig

The Crails – Jack Boa

“Want a mosh pit? Ask The Crails”.

Jack Boa – Discovery Music


The Crails, sheer intensity, commanding and always up for one hell of a party. The theme of musical proficiency and band communication shown by ZenDen was done just as well by The Crails. There is an unrivaled attitude with this hometown band that is utterly potent and infectious. It wasn’t long till everyone in the crowd reassembled a motorized pendulum.

Safe breaking rhythm guitar mixed with solos and leads that could definitely keep up in a tango, is crafted together with an exotic concoction of bass and drums synced with punkified vocals that are 1000% Rock and Roll. The distinct feeling of The Stooges mixed with the loudness and Focus on doing what they want that The Chats present. Gives everyone a reason to go see these lads. 

The Crails set a shining example of what Glasgow can do musically and we will surely see more of them soon as they have a new track called  “32” available on streaming networks.

The Glasgow quartet consist of:

Arthur Leesment – Bass – Vocals

Luke Miller – Guitar – Vocals

Ellis Slowey – Guitar – Vocals 

Leon Gibson – Drums  


Looking back, this gig was honestly one of the best gigs I’ve been to in a while. Each band played their heart and souls out and that demands all our respect. As a result take this as a note to go see those smaller bands no matter the event.