Interview | Swiss Portrait

I have clearly not been the only person paying attention to what Swiss Portrait is doing, the Edinburgh-based artist has been making waves and beautiful songs and I can’t get enough of songs such as ‘Find My Way’ and ‘Patagonia’. It was only last month they played a very successful headline gig at King Tuts and the band is currently working on new music, which is good news for the fans of their infectious and soulful indie pop sound among us! So we asked them some questions, and you can read their answers below.

When did you start making and releasing music and what inspired you?

I started releasing music as Swiss Portrait during lockdown. I released a really lofi ep called moods on band camp but shortly after that I started putting things on Spotify. It really is a lockdown hobby that has gotten mad out of hand. 

What have you been up to the past two years?

Everything, I released an album with the bedroom pop label Z-Tapes and sold out the cassettes on the first day, then just after the 2nd pressing. I started playing live with a full band which is pretty sick to be honest. We have been able to play festivals and we just headlined King Tuts in Glasgow and that was crazy. I also released an EP called Safe house with DMY and Spirit Goth. I am, but mainly used to be a Contemporary Artist before lockdown and its been a funny past two years. 

What is your process of writing music and where do you take inspiration for your lyrics?

I usually walk around the flat with my guitar playing chords and not really thinking about it. If something happens that I like I take it from there and see what happens. I go into every recording process as an experiment and never really want to pre determine what comes out the other end.

Lyrics come from a range of different things. Some are about my dog Willow, like Find My Way. I used to live beside the boarders in Scotland and my Garden didn’t have any lights, but the moon was usually so bright that you kinda didn’t need it. So when My puppy would run around and I couldn’t find her in the dark it was usually because it was cloudy. Others are about been sad/happy and all the usual suspects. 

Mental health is something we don’t talk enough about in music. Do you find your music a support for your mental health at all?

Sometimes, I think it’s good cause it gives me a chance to speak about things in my head in an ambiguous way. But it has also contributed to sad and unpleasant things such as stress. 

When you are having a bad day, what is it that cheers you up and helps you feel better?

A long walk and food. I sometimes turn off my phone and have a mindfulness day, the app really helps. 

What are you currently looking forward to and what plans have you got for 2023?

Well we just headlined King Tuts and that was really cool. But next I’m working on new music with the boys in the band and will hopefully have something I can share really soon. Hopefully more exciting gigs too… 

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