Gig Review | Honeyblood @ Stereo, Glasgow | 30.05.24

Honeyblood brought Stereo into ecstasy with their 10th Anniversary Tour back in Glasgow

The legendary Scottish Indie rock solo project Honeyblood started its Debut Album 10th Anniversary tour around the UK this May. On the 30th of May, they finally came back to Glasgow, bringing a perfect end to the celebration with fans.

The ever-growing energy and temperature completely took over the venue even before Honeyblood came out, after the Vampire Voltage and the young duo No Windows kicked off the night. Claiming that it’s his first time doing a single performance, Vampire Voltage lit the crowd on with his gritty vocal and punchy songs without any effort. After being hyped up by his original songs, the night moved on to the young songwriting duo No Windows, together with their bassist and drummer. Even though you can tell the young duo was rather nervous, the crowd was still immersed in their folk and classic pop vibe from their first song.

When I was still aghast at how packed the venue had become, Honeyblood came straight to the stage without any warning, the last bit of oxygen was burnt out immediately with the crowd’s last trace of sanity. Tweeddale walked on stage with her guitar, along with drummer Debbie Knox-Hewson and bassist Anna Donigan. As the first note fell into place, the first crowd-pleaser Choker from the debut album, whipped the whole crowd into a frenzy, and you get to witness the entire venue unbridledly waving with the raw, indie punk. 

Tweeddale thanked the fans again and again for being amazing and being here with them for the 10th anniversary tour. Addressing that she’s really proud of it and everyone who’s here should also be, the intimacy between the Scottish legend and their loyal fans heated up the venue more than it should have. Even so, Tweeddale still kept her attitude and “warned” her crowd not to tell her what to sing, because it’s their show. With all the classics ensuing and the show reaching its end, the crowd got more and more fidgety. Tweeddale noticed the suppressed dysphoria and, while shredding the guitar on the intro, she said, “If you are not capable of bopping, just stop and don’t break your legs. But everyone else who can, please, start bopping together!”

The show ended with a powerful Super Rat, which was also surprisingly joyful because by this time the whole venue started echoing with everyone singing “I will hate you forever” and hands waving in the air. Being here to witness the unfiltered, electrifying, superb performance, which was also a celebration was truly a dream-come-true moment. But whether you had the luck to be there or not, don’t miss their eponymous reissued red vinyl on the 21st of June.