It is BUSINESS AS USUAL for our favourite Motherwell lads as they come back strong with their 4th album.

To celebrate the incredible hard work of the band in getting this absolute class record out the The Lafontaines have gone up and down the country doing a mix of instore and outstore special signing shows; Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, London and I was lucky enough to be down the front at their Dundee show at Church.

It had been 5 long years since The Lafontaines have been in the City Of Discovery, sunny Dundee and although this show was a bit more intimate than their usual gigs the lads brought the same energy and hype that they always do. Evidently buzzing about the new album, seeing the fruit of their labor out for the world to hear and celebrating by having a mini tour of release shows with fans.

There is no denying The Lafontaines kept fans waiting, at times I thought there was maybe not much left in the tank so when new music was teased on socials the hype quickly built and it’s safe to say Dundee was delighted that the band are still ‘kicking the ball‘ as front man Kerr Okan said regularly throughout the show. Highlighting this album as the band’s best work yet.

Business as Usual is a 10 track album set up perfectly for your summer soundtrack. The lads take a slightly different direction with this record – lots of exceptionally catchy nostalgic sounding samples and huge sing-along choruses but the same bangers we have become accustomed to as fans.

Opening the show with Alpha from Junior the crowd went wild as Kerr Okan shouts Dundeeeeeeeee how are you doing? I’ve never known a front man to work the crowd quite as well as Kerr can, 12 years following the band and seen them with different line ups in various venues over that time but he’s the most consistent front man I’ve ever watched. Brings all the energy, keeps the hype and always has everyone on side.

” 15 years into this band and writing a tune that makes it all class and worthwhile is why we love doing music

Throughout the night we got lucky to hear so many new tunes from the latest album business as usual , since you made a move, and good life these songs are ‘bops’ and hard not to move along to. Considering this was the first time hearing these live there was still people singing along so I can imagine at their September shows the crowd sing along is going to be massive! We also heard firm favourites such as coming up, king and on request of someone in the crowd, body which they pulled out the bag considering it’s not been played in so long (no-one needed to remind Kerr of the words, honest!)

Jamie Keenan puts in some shift! How he pulls off some of the drum parts in these songs whilst singing has forever amazed me. Darren McCaughey and Jamie bounce off each other effectively throughout the well constructed set. Darren playing both lead guitar parts and compensating for no live bass in the band anymore. They continue to carry the show as Kerr takes a wander through the crowd and sets up shop climbing up onto a seat, Dundee at this point erupts as they sing the chorus to release the hounds.


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♬ original sound – discoverymusicscotland

I for one am very thankful the band are back, releasing an album as exciting and creative as Business As Usual has probably not been an easy task, however it’s undeniably addictive and I’ve had it on repeat for the past week. There is a maturing in this record, plenty time has passed with new things to write about and one track that really stuck out for me from the album is July 11th which appears to be an open letter from Kerr to his son which shows a vulnerability and can probably resonate with other Dads out there. Who, got guest list tickets for Dundee show to celebrate Fathers day which I thought was a wonderful touch from the band.

“Little mucker I’ll fight your corner like a heavy weight… I’m with you till my last song, from your first steps until you grow your little tash long. We gave you life, go and take it and be free, I’ll guarantee you’ll do it better than me”

The Lafontaines really do just seem to be a band of three mates having the time of their lives which is always reflected in their stage presence and live shows and was clear for the Dundee crowd to see. They appeared beyond grateful that people still care about their music, buying it and coming to shows.

The band are touring in September and have a huge show at Glasgow’s iconic venue The Barrowlands on Friday the 13th of September, it will no doubt be an insane show. Get your tickets here. The Lafontaines always put on an incredible show and so let’s show up and give them the crowd that they deserve.

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