Following on from January’s Big in 2023 sell out success, This Feeling HQ returned to Glasgow’s Broadcast bar last month to put on another incredible line up of fresh talent.

Headlining tonight’s show are upcoming indie quartet The Exhales with support coming from local lads Ann Para, young indie rockers Vine and all the way from Leeds, The Sheratons.

Tonight’s line up from This Feeling

I only arrived in time to catch the second band of the night, Vine, take to the stage. The young local trio are made up of Bruce on drums, Jack on bass and Josh on guitar. They whole band give off pure energy in their performance. Jack and Josh take turns to deliver the vocals but its guitarist Josh who takes the natural front man role here. Charming and charismatic, Josh engages well with the audience with his natural banter. The duel vocals work for Vine though with the guys feeding off one another to create a tight, well gelled band. A promising young indie rock band here who are still finding their feet but have potential to be great.


The next band on stage are The Sheratons. Already getting over 20K streams a month over on Spotify, these guys are well on their way for big things. Quite frankly in another league to the other opening bands tonight, The Sheratons turned me a fully fledged fan tonight. The energy these Leeds guys have is utterly infectious with could have carried the entire set with their outstanding stage presence alone. This is not the indie rock sound I was expecting – this is much grittier. There are elements of so much more in there. From bluesy rhythms and grunge tones to downright hardcore punk, their sound can only be described as refreshing. The bands first time playing in Scotland but definitely not their last, The Sheratons are ones to watch.

The Sheratons

After that kind of tight energy which saw even saw pits going, headliners The Exhales had a lot to live up to. They are naturally a very different band though, so it’s important not to compare. I popped a fresh set of eyes and got to know The Exhales.

The Exhales

Fronted by northerner (England) Jack Hayes, The Glasgow band are gaining serious traction in the cities music scene. Tonight proved just why. This band are fantastic. They are a tight, talented group of guys who have a unique but familiar indie sound. Despite having only released two singles so far on streaming services, the set offers plenty of consistently strong tracks. The guys have a lot more to offer than I first expected but it’s their most recent release Call on Karma which stands out above the rest. There’s no pits with The Exhales but their melodic catchy indie pop tunes have the crowd passionately singing along. There is no doubt given the right platform and publicity The Exhales have a promising future soon. This Feeling HQ have got it spot on once again. I can’t wait to see what else they bring north of the border soon.