Gig Review | The 1975 OVO Hydro Glasgow Night 2

The question on everyone’s lips… are The 1975 still at their very best? Well, after last night’s performance in Glasgow, The 1975 have went from being one of the worst bands I have seen live to simply one of the best. What. A. Show!

With anticipation filling the air, the 1975 curtain drops to reveal a West End quality set of the inside of a house filled with prop furniture, lamps, books and a Matty Healy asleep on the sofa. He lights a cigarette, grabs a glass of Guinness and welcomes the rest of the “cast” to the stage as they begin to perform the fitting introduction song, “The 1975”.

The theatrical aspect of the show isn’t like anything I’ve ever seen done by a musician. They create such an interesting performance that leaves you wondering just how much of what was said or done onstage “is real” and what “is just an act”. An aspect I liked in particular was that the show brings up all kinds of current issues and news via televisions scattered across the set and is watched by the frontman in disbelief.

The first half felt more theatrical as they made use of the set and props to perform hits such as “Roadkill” and (my favourite) “Robbers”. This was prominent for the song “Bagsy not in net” as Matty took to the roof of the set to perform it. Then at one point labelled “Matty’s Nightmare” he climbed through a television and headed through the crowd to the B stage to perform “I like America..”. From my perspective, this whole section felt like watching a play or movie unfold before me and by him climbing through the tv, this symbolises them going on to perform as The 1975 we all perceive and expect them to be. Or at least that’s what I took from it?

The “second act” was just hit after hit, kicking it off with “If you’re too shy”. The entire crowd was on top form for Night 2. Everyone from the front barrier to the back, and top floor to bottom were on their feet, bouncing! I haven’t seen an enthusiastic crowd like this since before lockdown! They then had more surprises up their sleeves as they played some of their most popular (but rarely played songs) “Chocolate” and “Girls”. The latter of which they announced by picking a book from the book shelf and showing the camera what was written on it. Which I thought was pretty cool.

The crowd was absolutely buzzing and on their feet right till the final song “People” which they all performed on the B Stage. I can genuinely say this was one of the best productions I’ve ever seen and thought that if The 1975 are actually going on hiatus after this tour, then what a way to go out!