The energetic trio Talisk brought the party to Dundee on Friday night for their first ever Dundee show at Beat Generator.

Singer songwriter Abigail Pryde warmed up the crowd ready for the party with some original songs from her new album released earlier this year. Pryde’s material has a country feel about it, writing about things that are personal to her – relationships and growing up in Dunoon. She beautifully covered Ashley McBryde’s “bible and a 44” dedicating this to her Dad as he always complains that Abigail has a song written about her Mum and he doesn’t get a mention. My favourite track from the night was by far ‘you are my heart ‘; it is beautiful.

You are my heart, you are my soul, you are the breath within the cold. You steal my time , your by my side, you are the calm I find in the night.

Abigail Pryde certainly warmed up the crowd for Tallisk with a great stage presence and oozing enthusiasm for the party that was to come!

The energy in the room before Talisk even set foot on stage was incredible and undeniably infectious. Lights dimmed, smoke machine went off and front man Mohsen Amini shouted:

“We are here to smash it from start to finish, Dundee are you with us?”

Beat Generator erupted as the band jumped straight into their first track of the night. I’ve never seen a local show with so much energy from both audience and band, I feel like everyone gave it their all and Talisk certainly couldn’t have given any more.

Aurora was their second track of the night from their latest album Dawn. A very upbeat track with some very fast fiddle parts by Benedict Morris, mesmerising to watch and you can absolutely tell he is loving every minute on that stage.

There is a reason this band have won so many international music awards and undeniably work hard at their craft. If you hadn’t followed Talisk’s social media pages you’d have no idea guitarist Charlie Galloway is new to the line up as the trio worked flawlessly together bringing the trad party to Dundee. He seems a perfect fit and I wish him all the best with the band!

Between singing riffs with the band (as we were reminded their music has no words) to dancing and jumping around I’m sure everyone’s step count was wild that night.

Finishing their hour long set on Dystopia was a smart move as part one is a slow track where you think you are unwinding and catching your breath after all the jumping around, whilst part 2 increases the BPM for one more jig to end the night.

These guys absolutely smashed their first show in Dundee and front man Amini certainly knows how to work the crowd. First time I’ve caught the band live and they were everything I thought they would be and more. From production to set list and the undeniable musicality that these three men demonstrate it was a show like no other.

I highly recommend you give them a listen and follow on social media as they have already announced shows in Scotland next year that will quickly sell out.

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