Gig Review | Cyrano @ Sneaky Pete’s

Cyrano tour poster

“Immense professionalism and talents.”

Singer, songwriter, and all round musical genius Cyrano took to the stage in a completely sold out Sneaky Pete’s. Alongside other incredibly talented musicians, they gave the Edinburgh crowd a night to remember. They brought to life Cyrano’s discography in a gig that created the most electric of atmospheres.


Edinburgh artist Cyrano brought his infectious songs to life in the iconic Sneaky Pete’s venue. Two days prior, he’d played at the Lexington in London. Both of these UK shows were completely sold out and formed two of the dates on his 2023 World Tour. The rest of the shows on his tour will see him take to the southern hemisphere and take on musical audiences in New Zealand, Australia, and Singapore!

Cyrano wasn’t alone in this hometown show. He was accompanied by fellow musicians Kyle, Kenny Lyons, and Lewis Ross. Together, this group made playing live look effortless and it was such an exciting gig to witness. The beautiful production of this show involved lighting that was used by Cyrano to further enhance the impact of his tunes. Depending on the mood of the track, there was a colour of lighting that perfectly reflected it.

All of Cyrano’s songs are easy to listen to. His soulful voice and emotion-filled lyrics were replicated on stage as he performed live renditions of them. Included in the setlist of soothing songs were popular ones like ‘Afterburns‘ and ‘White Wine‘. The later of these tunes has amassed over 46,000 streams on Spotify alone since its release in 2022 and it is obvious why.

Hearing ‘White Wine‘ was especially intriguing. It’s catchy chorus and simple melody allowed everyone to sing along. It is a very easy track to follow but one that you’ll keep coming back to because of it’s simplicity and Cyrano’s unique vocals.

This was an incredible headline show for Cyrano. This Edinburgh gig, along with the London show, were his first ones where he played live with a full band. You wouldn’t think this, though, due to their immense professionalism and talents behind their respective instruments. It was such an enjoyable show to attend and it demonstrated Cyrano’s phenomenal potential to make it big in music. He works very hard at his craft and is insanely talented in it too, which was perfectly proven in this sold out Sneaky Pete’s show!