Gig Review | Chromeo | SWG3 | Glasgow | 10.06.24

Two decades into their career Chromeo have curated both a distinct image and a solid fan base. However, Scottish fans have been somewhat out of the loop though with the Canadian duo’s last gig in Glasgow taking place a whole sixteen years ago. All was forgiven as the electro-funk pair took over SWG3 on Monday night with their groovy hits. 

Support came from German newcomers and Tik-Tok sensation Zimmer90. Tonight was the duo’s first time playing in Glasgow and as the lights dimmed over the crowd in SWG3’S TV Studio we were all ready to experience what they had to offer. 

The smiles didn’t leave Joscha and Finn’s faces as they danced around the stage sometimes towards and other times away from one another. You couldn’t help but be infected by their radiant energy and join in too. Soon the whole room was moving together and it became clear how apt their name, which translates to Room90, is. They had created their very own soundscape. 

Unreleased track ‘For You’ which the pair have been promoting on their social media platforms was an instant hit tonight. They encouraged the crowd to sing along to the chorus which we all did as loudly as possible. Energy levels high, it was time for smash hit ‘What Love Is’. Released at the beginning of December last year it quickly gained traction on Tik-tok with people using it to soundtrack their 2023 recap videos. The track has a wistfulness to it as its lyrics seem to both reflect and question the crucial moments in relationships and life as it asks “Will we stay the same?”. 

One of the duo’s older tracks ‘Movin’’ drew their set to a close tonight and with the cheer that erupted upon its completion it’s safe to say Zimmer90 lived up to their online hype and more. Their music is all the better live when you can be fully immersed in it. Their new album is due to be released on the 28th of June and will be well worth a listen.

As a wall of lights at the back of the stage illuminated the room David “Dave1” Macklovitch and Patrick “P-Thugg” Gemayel, walked out to an eager crowd. Dave in a suit with his signature sunglasses, as well as a pair of sparkly high-heeled boots and P-Thugg in a ‘Funk Yourself’ merch jumper.

P-Thugg took his position behind his talkbox customised to look like a pair of legs and the pair launched into fan-favourite ‘Fancy Footwork’. The crowd, already sufficiently warmed up, wasted no time showcasing their own fancy footwork.

Chromeo didn’t spare a second either as they smashed out hit after hit. ‘Bad Decision’ was a particular high point as the room was lit in orange and a rabble of voices sung along. It led into ‘Must’ve Been’ which was seamlessly followed by ‘Momma’s Boy’. Dave1’s charisma shone through as he got the whole crowd clapping and duck walked across the stage while playing guitar.  

The first real break in the set came in the form of P-Thugg’s talkbox bit. Using the Talk box to distort his voice he chatted to the crowd and then asked ‘Glasgow..can I hear you screaaaam’. On second attempt we were awarded ‘Better than Leeds’ from Dave1 who went on to explain that ‘bands from North America tend to lose a lot of money touring Europe’ and that their manager assumed these UK shows would be in ‘Manchester and London’. He informed us that he and Pat objected to this idea arguing that ‘when you’ve been doing this for over 20 years, you want to go places you’ve never been before’ and boy, is this crowd glad they did. Dave1 added ‘I think we will again’ and everyone cheered 

An evening of bright lights, dazzling dance moves and fun for all. Fans of all ages lost themselves in funky tunes as SWG3 was taken over by the infectious energy of Chromeo.