King Tuts went wild last Tuesday night, as Vancouver rapper bbno$ had the crowd on strings.

The opening acts, fellow Canadians Jungle Bobby and, took the stage with confidence and delivered high energy performances that were at times rather comedic.

Ceo is well known to fans of bbno$, mostly under his producing name, Lentra. The duo have collaborated on countless tracks including the album ‘Good Luck Have Fun’ produced entirely by Lentra and performed by Baby.

A great musician and producer, this multitalented artist proved why he has so many rappers at his beck and call.

Jungle Bobby is a name less common to most. Debuting in 2019, the singer picked up steam through frequent team ups with Ceo/Lentra. His career has really picked up pace recently, after he teamed up with his fellow tour compatriots and released their track take a trip which has amassed almost three million streams. Definitely a career to watch closely in the coming years.   

The leading man of this tour, bbno$, started his career with the single ‘run it up’ in 2016. His musical style and range have developed leaps and bounds in the years since. With him now boasting over 11 million monthly listeners, it’s safe to assume people enjoy his style.

To say the Vancouver native is a crowd pleaser is an understatement. He flexed his local knowledge at the first opportunity, anecdotes about Sauchiehall street and his love for Scotland prompting cheers.

He really got the venue jumping when he performed his 2020 hit, ‘Mememe’. But the crowd’s best reaction of the night by that point was when a melodic guitar played through the speakers, and fan favourite track ‘Help Herself’ had arms swaying and everyone singing along.

Baby is known for the comedic nature of his music videos, with even slow meaningful ballads such as the aforementioned ‘Help Herself’ being accompanied by the Canadian dancing in a variety of strikingly coloured suits. So, it wasn’t shocking when he threw leaks into the crowd to honour his album ‘Eat Ya Veggies’. But the moment was hilarious nonetheless.

Midway through the show Baby invited a fan to perform the role of Yung Gravy, another frequent collaborator of bbno$. The girl -dubbed Loogie by the rapper- gave a spirited performance that was: “better than the fans in Birmingham”. The Glasgow public loved the praise, prompting chants of “no Scotland no party” to ring throughout St Vincent Street. Something bbno$ and his support DJ Dan seemed to enjoy.  

bbno$ and DJ Dan having fun with the crowd

Towards the end, the supporting acts gathered on stage and instructed different sections of the crowd to chant to the chorus of their song ‘Take A Trip’ in a game that had everyone going wild. Again, showing their ability to please the crowd.

Of course, you save the best until last, with the night finishing with a double dose of baby’s two biggest hits, ‘Edamame’ featuring Indonesian rapper Rich Brian, and ‘Lalala’ with producer Y2K. The atmosphere was so electric that could it knock you off your feet. It’s safe to say the night ended on a high note.