Following 2020 release, ‘Wake Up Sunshine’, All Time Low have set back out on the road a year later. Being both a huge fan of both All Time Low themselves and their latest era, I was more than ecstatic to see they were back in Glasgow. The line up was new to me so having very limited knowledge on each support band, I started my night off unaware of what lay ahead. Combining the iconic Barrowlands Ballroom, the insane energy each band brought with them with a chaotic crowd who refused to quit was nothing short of genius.

The night was on a high since the very beginning as Meet Me @ The Altar took the stage. Although the venue was still filling up, nothing could stop this bands energy as they dove straight into their first song! Seeing such personality, style and chaos on the stage left me in utter awe with a sudden urge to mosh furiously. They definitely used the Ballroom stage to their advantage, leaning in close to now entranced spectators, much like myself. This is a band I cannot recommend enough as their self-driven attitude and heart on sleeve songs are the true meaning of empowerment, making them a strong newcomer to my daily music rotation.

Still buzzing with energy, the wait for the next band seemed like torture but it was worth the while. The Maine were next to brace the stage and you bet they kept the crowd going. Their stage presence made their performance mesmerising to watch as frontman, John O’Callaghan, bounced and flew around the stage, which was more than enough to draw the audience towards them once more. Before we knew it, a hurricane of a pit formed and the whole venue seemed to be moving. Their upbeat songs like ‘Pretender’ and ‘Black Butterflies and Dejavu’ truly made a mark on the timeline of the gig. Proving The Maine were back once more. 

Unusually, the night had a sudden moment of calm. A brief pause from the madness, as All Time Low’s set was introduced by…elevator music? Darkness took over the stage as each member soon came on one by one, creating an anticipation like no other. Without hesitation, they launched into ‘Some Kind of Disaster’, throwing the crowd into an utter frenzy. By this point, the venue seemed to have peaked past it’s capacity as the room was filled to the brim with eager concert goers and this was nowhere near the climax of the night.

Playing songs both old and new, the audience hung on their every word. Following their every move. They clearly knew their fans well, taking the time to truly appreciate the atmosphere, audience and everyone who made their tour which put me at further ease. They gave myself and others a feeling of participation as their gratitude was made clear. Though there were heart to heart moments, nothing could bring down the static energy binding in the crowd. As they closed their set with powerful ‘Glitter & Crimson’ the crowd chanted in unison, tearful and eagerly awaiting their return.

The second set caused nothing but insanity as Alex launched right back into the encore, showing the crowd no mercy. It didn’t take long before the venue was in an uproar. Pits with no point of return, breathless lungs and hoarse throats were what truly made the show their own, hypnotising the audience once more with their astounding energy and stage presence. I often find many artists nowadays invest most of their time and energy into writing and producing their music, but it was clear All Time Low had truly pulled out all of the stops to make this show a night to remember. Making a lasting impression upon myself and many others, the Wake Up Sunshine tour will now remain one of my favourites from every ATL show I have ever seen. 

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