Dynamic indie-folk band, the 502s, are bringing their energetic musical experience to Glasgow as part of their EU/UK tour this coming November and December. Fresh off the heels of their hit Just A Little While and their recent EP, “Pure Serotonin,” the band is set to captivate audiences with their vibrant sound and unforgettable performances.

Known for infectious melodies and spirited shows, the 502s have garnered a dedicated fan base that spans continents. “Pure Serotonin,” their soundtrack to summer, was released in August and showcases the band’s growth and evolution in the indie music scene. The EP’s upbeat tracks and introspective lyrics have resonated with fans worldwide, setting the stage for the excitement to come.

The Glasgow crowd can expect an immersive experience that captures the essence of the 502s’ music—a perfect blend of relatable lyrics and irresistible melodies that resonate long after the last note is played. Beyond the music itself, the Florida 6-piece will be delivering a wholesome night of joy, infectious energy and a taste of the Florida sunshine. I’m sure that’s something that’ll go down a treat on a cold November’s eve in Glasgow.