‘songs written for piano’ is a collection of fragile and mesmerising folk pop songs written and released by Inverness-based artist Katie Gregson-MacLeod. The five track-counting EP is an honest and open-hearted cumulation of candid songwriting, stunning vocals and captivating soundscapes.

The EP is a collection of chapters that all tell their own story, fulfilling their own purpose within the bigger picture. Hers is a wandering and dreamy pop sound that builds on personal stories told by her delicate yet clear cut voice. This stripped back body of work is so very personal, bare-naked and as honest as it can be. When the last tones of the EP eb away I read about her nomination for MTV PUSH UK & IE 2023 and I can’t say I’m surprised. This stripped back production showcases vulnerability in a strong and decisive way and introduces Katie to a new audience that will undoubtedly stay for more. 

The EP tells the chronological story of love and heartbreak, with the first single having been written when Katie was 18 years old and in the middle of her first breakup. On ‘to be eighteen’ she yearns to have the same outlook on love as she did when she was a teenager. On the story behind the EP, the songstress shares: “I had the idea for this body of work really early on into the process of ‘complex’ being released and all the craziness around it. I’ve always wanted to release a stripped back acoustic EP and when ‘complex’ – a song released in demo form first with just piano and vocal – resonated with so many people I felt it was a perfect opportunity to release a body of work that fell within that world sonically and thematically.”

Photo-credit: Megan Henderson

‘white lies’ talks about growing apart from someone you once loved and brings me back to the days on which I felt lost and no longer loved. I found myself surrounded by couples and those in love that didn’t yet understand what I was going through and I now wish I would have had the comforting words of Katie Gregson-MacLeod to take me through that painful chapter. In total, the EP contains five songs, of which the fifth is a live string-version of single ‘complex’, a song I didn’t know could be even more in-depth than it is already. Adding layers of strings truly makes this a majestic and theatrical piece that makes me long for more, a perfect ending to the EP. 

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