whisperback is a 5 track EP by chiptune artist firebrandboy. The EP is a mix of classic chip samples mixed with more modern polished samples, all with underlying break beats creating something pretty unique.

whisperback opens with one last dance – a high energy beat to really introduce you to what the EP is all about, it’s high tempo and has loads of glitchy breakbeat drums and a nice little pitched vocal sample throughout holding the hook we dancin’.

My favourite song on the EP by far is stacks. I really enjoyed the mellowness and the swaying in the melody to give it a nice vintage feel, it’s saturated and warm. The vocals sit in a nice space and all in all it is a really well produced track with loads of layers to keep you interested and I kind of wish it was longer.

All the songs flow really well into one another. Tenkay and gwan big giant swan have a lot more of a typical chiptune sound, heavily crush drums and lofi synth sound. This sound continues into the last song spring lament but includes a much more modern synth sound to sit on top. This song feels like it’s a bit of a summary of the whole EP and it is definitely the busiest whilst including loads of good transitions. 

There’s a certain nostalgia attached with the sounds of old games consoles that I don’t think you can ever shake, and firebrandboy mixes these sounds perfectly to create something classic and modern with the use of polished samples and classic bleeps. This is a great mash of genres and firebrandboy does it really well with this latest release whisperback!

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