Blu Lipz has brought us a fresh new sound in his latest genre-fluid EP, The Cynic. The Glasgow-based artist has a post-punk blended with alt-hip hop sound, one that he constantly refreshes with hand-picked influences from other genres.

His personalised sound quickly caught Glasgow’s attention as he received an embracing reception across numerous Glasgow venues. 

The Cynic is designed to show audiences the evolution of his sound, with the end goal of Blu Lipz creating “an evolving, genre-fluid sound that’s not afraid to go against the grain”. 

His EP has four songs, with a total running time of 12 minutes. Scattered kicks off this EP, introducing us to a melancholy beat as Lipz sings about how “life is scattered”. Scattered has a frustrated and at times even angry tone, one which contrasts the calming backtrack. 

Next up is an instrumental version of Scattered called Scattered (Coda). It’s a nice addition to the EP. 

Soul is the third song from The Cynic. It has a similar beat to Scattered, however it quickly evolves into a happier one. We hear more of Lipz’s vocal range as his true voice peeks in and out of the autotune.  

Finally, the last song on this EP is 13 Years. A calm, almost lo-fi beat draws this project to a nice close. It works well with Lipz’s accented vocals. The theme of thinking about the past and how things have changed, looking back on your life, is a heavy one. And to combat this heaviness, Lipz matched it up with a light beat, making the lyrics and music work together well.  

The Cynic is a great showcase of Blu Lipz’s music. It displays what kind of themes he works with, as well as his unique musical style.  

Featured Image Credit: @itsblulipz / X

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