Beldon Haigh have followed their success with their singles with a long anticipated debut album. The group from Falkirk released ‘World Got So Dumb’ on 3rd May.

The album reflects the band’s style and showcases their musical ability. The band cite influence from various genres such as ska and reggae and this is evident through the tracks. The indie-rock band pair this with thought provoking lyrics to confront the listener and tell various stories through their tunes. The group are not shy in coming forward with their thoughts on the state of the present world and use their music as a platform to convey this.

There are ten tracks on the album, and the band have covered much ground. There are tunes addressing politics, emotion and societal issues, put together in a complementary collection showcasing the bands ability to engage a listener and relay a story or idea through song.
Justin Skelton, Lead Singer of Beldon Haigh states:

“In today’s world, with flawed leadership and societal distractions rampant, it’s easy to lose sight of justice and the harsh realities of the world today. Our album, crafted over two years, reflects these tumultuous times and is an observational take on how it has become genuinely difficult to know what is true or false anymore. Each song paints its own picture and tells its own story using the state of contemporary society as its backdrop.”

Through the ska influenced bass and drum and clever guitars, it is easy to listen to the stories they are telling. From the opening track ‘Dumpster Fire’ exploring the neglect of towns and cities and their populations, to “Money Back” tackling the money struggles working people face, to the relevant ideals of dating apps discussed in “Soap Machine” the album really covers a plethora of topics through the popular vehicle of indie-rock.

The band’s already massive following will be ecstatic with the release of Beldon Haigh’s debut album, which will no doubt attract new fans to their following.