Discovery Music are proud to premiere the video for Two Tone Television’s latest single, Cab Driver, released November 29th.

If the video for Cab Driver shows us anything, it’s that Two Tone TV don’t take themselves too seriously – in the best way possible. Shot by friend of the band Conor Hancock, the video sees frontman Liam McCombie as a sleazy cab driver, drummer Chuck McAulay as his unfortunate victim, bassist Dave Murray as something of a local bad boy, whilst guitarist Craig Bronsdon and keys player Neil Lovett get dolled up as our cab driver’s groupies.

“We thought about doing a cool video, singing in alleyways and stuff,” Liam tells me, “but then we decided to do a novelty video, as it’s a bit of a novelty song.” 

Looking for a fun tune and video to kick off your weekend? Looking for some quality dance moves? Looking for men in skirts shredding guitars on car roofs? Look no further than Cab Driver.

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