The Midnight Gig Review | 31.3.23 | Barrowland Ballroom

American synth-wave band, The Midnight, ended their EU/UK tour by visiting Glasgow’s iconic Barrowland Ballroom, and what a night to end their ‘Change Your Heart Europe Tour’.

Callum Borrows, known professionally as Saint Raymond, a solo artist from Nottingham, who has already released 2 albums is one to watch and brought a new flavour of sound different to what The Midnight bring and was a fantastic support act for this gig. His acoustic performance was perfect as you could really appreciate his superb natural vocals. I was getting similar vibes to Ed Sheeran, 1975 and of course Glasgow’s own, Lewis Capaldi. Definitely one to watch on the Indie scene and for any fans of chilled, acoustic vibes! The song ‘Fall At Your Feet’ which he ended his setlist with is definitely one to check out and one I recognised. Saint Raymond’s new album, ‘We Forgot We Were Dreaming’ is out now!

The Midnight consisting of singer-songwriter Tyler Lyle (USA) and talented producer and singer-songwriter Tim McEwan (Denmark) took to the Barrowlands stage and opened their phenomenal 17-song setlist with ‘Heroes’ the title of their latest album released at the end of last year. The crowd were unstoppable into the next song where ‘Gloria’ was clearly a fan favourite that night as everyone was soaking up the atmosphere and filling the place with buzz and electric vibes!

One of the newer tracks I love is ‘Heartbeat’ because it is lyrically moving, and really uplifting. It speaks about love, motivation, and not giving up, and it was particularly moving to hear that they wrote this song after experiencing the loss of someone due to suicide. You could feel the love and appreciation from the band after fans got absolutely hyped particularly halfway through their set after playing ‘The Comeback Kid’ where I noticed the band’s reactions to the crowd chanting, Tyler quickly made the decision to change some songs around and announced to fans that they loved the energy so were going to keep it going as they played another upbeat classic ‘Change Your Heart of Die.’

Tylers’ vocals hit the spot and were remarkable where his vocals were absolutely on point, and he sounded exactly like he does on the album! I am a total fan of the saxophone and my personal favourite is ‘Vampires’ – this is my go-to song to recommend to anyone to The Midnight, and hearing it live, I cannot describe it. Fans around me singing along to the melody of the sax, dancing, and general all round amazing vibes this was the place to be!

Rounding towards the end of the night, after hearing ‘Heart Worth Breaking’ to introduce the final song ‘Los Angeles’ (before the encore of course), Tyler introduced this by sharing:
Music is a miracle. This song is the power of the music.’

And for me, The Midnight did an impeccable job of showing the power of music at this gig, particularly ending with their encore which was a previous hit – ‘Sunset’ was taken from their album ‘Endless Summer‘ which was released in 2016, which ended the night on a high – and you can even check a wee video of this on our Discovery Music Instagram Page.