Rise and grind. Get that bread. On that sigma grindset. These are all phrases you’ve seen in memes if you’re chronically online. And, at times, it’s hard to decipher satire from seriousness when we live in a world where Hustlers university is, unironically, a thing. Satire or not, there’s no disputing that there’s a real live and kicking fetish for hustle culture out there. In fact, just a few weeks back I was followed by an Instagram page named Alpha Male Habits. They definitely reached their target demographic with me, a young woman in her 20s.

But, proclaimed hustler or not, we’re all privy to productivity guilt. Where our self-worth feels based on, not the quality of what we produce, but the quantity. Fear not, though. Feels like pluto are here to liberate you from a perspective that keeps us shackled: that we’re not deserving of rest. They’re here to tell you that if you’re saying ‘yes’ to anything today, then let it be exactly that. So, with their permission, it’s probably the right time to tell you that if you’re aware of the references above, take a rest from being so chronically online, too.

This track enters in the same way you can hear a boy racer car approaching from afar. The only difference is it’s driven by a faint but sturdy drumbeat, rather than a teenager (and a lot more impressively climactic when it actually arrives!). ‘Yes to rest’ doesn’t beat around the bush, or drive around the avenues. In less than 20 seconds, vocalist Louie Thomson is singing it loud and clear: yes to rest. And, do you know what? I want to sing it with him.

The verses are whispers of intimacy that feel like we’re present as ghosts, standing next to a burnt-out Thomson as he gives himself a much needed pep talk in the mirror. ‘I can’t stand myself when I ruin everything for me…’, he says before he turns from the mirror to a now tangible audience: us. And we all, in perfect harmony, chorus ‘yes to rest’.

Now, that scenario never happened. But feels like pluto painted that exact image with the intricate arrangement of vocals and drumbeat, a real characteristic of good production. They’re holding a mirror up to the parts of us that place our identity in being overworked, overtired and overindulging in overconsumption, and they’re saying ‘let it be over’. This isn’t a glorification of the grind, but a soft rebellion of it. Do this single a great favour and listen to it full blast, on a sunny day in your car with the windows down and let the spirit of rejuvenation wash over you.

Now, I’m going to say ‘yes to rest’ and walk away from this keybo-…