Single Review | What Sundays Are For | Tamzene

Cromarty-born Scottish singer Tamzene, is handing us a new EP in the palms of our hands soon. One of the singles on it is a beautiful track called “What Sundays Are For.” I truly believe that it’s going to be a Summer Anthem this year! Listening to this song I imagine a top down car ride, along the Caribbean coast, the sun is shining and all you think of is that perfect Sunday, alongside your best friends and not a care in the world.

Tamzene is loved for her intricate, decadent voice and indulgent and melodically diverse music in a Soul, RnB style. “What Sundays Are For” isn’t just an ordinary soul or RnB song, it has a sweet mix of reggaeton in it. Maracas, systematic drum rhythm, and a pinch of an African Djembe drum and almost chanting-like, back vocals, adds onto a holiday and summertime feel onto the song. So if you can’t escape away on your holidays then do yourself a favour and get a dose of vitamin D and a beam of light, brought to you by Tamzene’s new single. Have fun with it this summer and don’t forget to listen to the full EP called “In Any Weather” released August 16th and you can listen to it, well… in any weather for sure.