Single Review | Vanderlye | Guilty Lovers & Heartbreak Serenades

Vanderlye single artwork

A gorgeous track filled with incredible lyricism.

Guilty Lovers & Heartbreak Serenades‘ is Vanderlye’s way of teaching their listeners lessons based on their own experiences. The Glasgow group take fans on an enlightening journey that delves into discussions of learning to love and accept ourselves, as well as not repeating the mistakes others have made in similar scenarios. This second track from Vanderlye follows on from their incredibly infectious debut single, ‘Malleable Soul‘ and further proves how talented the four-piece are.

“I keep leaving myself behind, don’t leave yourself behind.”

With a catchy chorus that is repeated throughout, Vanderlye pull listeners further into the fundamental lesson of the track. The title also features in the lines “I’ve got a knack of feeling deranged, from guilty lovers and heartbreak serenades“. These each emphasise that others have been there too, and to accept that these feelings are normal. It creates an encouraging environment that can make any listener feel safe and acknowledged.

While ‘Guilty Lovers & Heartbreak Serenades‘ follows a familiar indie-rock sound, the lyrics are somewhat unfamiliar. With phrases like “protagonist of your decay“, the imagery is poetic and purposeful. They speak of a common subject but in a way few seem to capture. “When you cling onto bad habits, think again…they’re never your friend” is a line that can be applied to any scenario and is worded so universally that anyone will resonate with it.

Sean McGarvey‘s voice is welcoming as he sings the thought-provoking words in front of a melodious background. The wonderfully written words are something that stand out significantly with this track. The lyrics draw from past experiences and teach listeners to look beyond what’s in front of us and acknowledge that things aren’t always as simple as they seem. Accompanying the enticing vocals and words is an uplifting and light melody. This is created by bassist Becky Clarke, drummer Harvey Haldane, and guitarist Calum Steel. Together, they create a gorgeous track filled with incredible lyricism and a melody that will keep you engaged for the entire three and a half minute duration.

With a music video to accompany their wonderful writing, Vanderlye have brought their new tune to life. You can view the video via the link below: