Single Review | The Tonic Revival | Way Of Life

” Uncover the fabric of your mind with this fantastic new song “

Jack Boa – Discovery Music

Once again Glasgow gives yet another gift to its ever-expanding music scene. Into which it presents The Tonic Revival. A trio of hard-hitting rockers with a passion for delivering excitement, energy, and absolutely solid tunes.

Hailing from Glasgow and its surrounding areas, The Tonic Revival was first formed in late 2019 and previously known as the Bomayes. After a few changes in members, they have arrived at this point with the lineup consisting of Ross Weir (Vocals, Guitar), Ross Carson (Bass Guitar), and Innes Gemmill (Drums).

When listening to the song, you can hear each member’s unique twist. For example, the sonic clash of Innes’s Hi-Hat and Cymbals. Which as a result, when paired with the booming bass and the groovy yet rocky guitar segments creates a powerful and mesmerising beat drawing out each note to the ear.

There has been such care taken into pairing the vocals and guitar parts that make me appreciate the effort put into this song. The phasing in and out between bass and lyrics provides a constant stream of endorphins that this song latches onto.

“Changed Days, same ways

But now you think twice”

Way Of Life – The Tonic Revival

Although “Way Of Life” comes across as full of excitement and happiness, it delves into a discussion on alcohol in Scottish culture and how those influences can carry on into your thinking about the future and past, whether those influences are positive or negative. I believe that Glasgow and possibly most of Scotland can resonate with this song in some way or another.

I managed to speak to Innes from the Glaswegian three-piece and he chatted with me about the beginnings of the song.

” Well, Ross came in one day with some chords and a melody. I had this idea of putting a quarter-note beat behind it to give it a half-push. Coupled with sliding of the bass gave the track really nice movement. “

Innes Gemmill – The Tonic Revival

“Summarising a part of Scottish culture as we know it and the mentality around getting “onit” and how it carries you into the future seemed to fit the idea well and the calmness of the verses is shown as a moment of reflection for your actions seemed to wrap it up well”

Innes Gemmill – The Tonic Revival

“Way Of Life” comes out on August 12th and you can find that on the bands’ social media pages. The song was also recorded by Mark Morrow in Studio A, Edinburgh.