Single Review | The Quilter | Dress In White

The Quilter’s newest track is amazingly produced and lyrics are beautifully constructed.

Dress In White is the latest single by The Quilter, created by Stuart Dougan, from Glasgow. This gorgeous track is captivating and discusses changes in emotions and feelings. One frequent theme throughout this song is the common feeling of uncertainty. The song begins with a synth, which I think resembles the sound of an organ. It is somewhat similar to the beginning of a wedding song, hence why the song title, Dress In White, is very fitting.

Dougan begins to sing and I was intrigued from the first second, “first in the morning, I should stop counting“. This presents the start of the relationship theme that is also regular throughout the track. This initial lyric portrays trying not to time how long a relationship has lasted, but rather trying to enjoy every moment. Lyrics like “we could stay or we could leave together?” and “we’ll push it away, it’s all worth the wait” further describe the relationship theme alongside working through certain feelings.

I used to be someone, now I’m not so sure” are words that initiate the song’s concept of losing who you are to specific feelings and emotions. There is a prominent sense of vulnerability with phrases such as “I’m scared of you, what would you have me do?” and “I won’t always be on my knees forever“.

Cover from the Dress In White music video.

At around 2:30, there is a change in tempo and melody. With the musical change comes a change of heart and mindset. More positive and hopeful emotions replace the prominent feelings of vulnerability and uncertainty. For example, “I feel revived, I feel so revived“, and “just want to believe in something more“. In the second verse, there are the words “tell me you’re needing“. However, after this music alteration, this statement turns into “don’t want to be needing anymore“. This shows a shift in mood and works as a way of proving that any situation can become better.

The Quilter’s newest single is one that will feature on new EP ‘The Winter’s End’ which is set to be released later in 2023. To celebrate the launch of this EP, Stuart Dougan, who is behind the making of the song, has written and directed a short film. It is called ‘If We’re Going In The Ground Tonight’. The EP will serve as the soundtrack, and if this single is anything to go by, we can expect a very romantic feel.

This track is amazingly produced and lyrics are beautifully constructed. I think it was really clever to incorporate the change in melody to cater for the change in mood. In a way, it personifies the track. It is a song that I’m sure many could see themselves reflected within.