Indie rockers ‘The Noise Club’ from Paisley, have blessed our ears with a new release ‘Hell Star Indie Wars’. The band have just played a show at McChuills and are set to take over The Bungalow in Paisley Friday 21st of April, the day after their new release.  

A catchy, grungy guitar riff opens the song accompanied by a classic alternative rock drumbeat. The vocals, which remind me of early Arctic Monkeys material, begin straight into the first verse with clean fast paced singing and catchy lyrics. The chorus is very anthemic and I could picture the crowd singing along to this at a live show. During the second verse the singing becomes more aggressive at points which builds the anticipation for the second chorus. The bridge begins with a cleaner guitar tone and rim shots on the drums creating a very brief break from the hard-hitting song, however the energy of the song is quickly brought back with distorted guitar noises and deeper vocals. The ending of the song is much heavier than the rest with more aggressive vocals and hard-rock guitar riffs that fades off smoothly bringing the song to an end.