Single Review | The Exhales | Kick The Chair

Glasgow Alt-Rockers The Exhales return with their latest single ‘Kick the Chair’, their first single since 2022.

With a clear sign of what’s to come for the four-piece, The Exhales have come back again with what they do best in their latest single.

This is a beautiful song, with a clear message throughout the lyrics: we’ve all lost someone from our hometowns from suicide, and this is a representation of how grief effects people and how they cope with the loss of someone in their lives.

This song doesn’t shy away from tackling these feelings dead on, with the lead singer challenging his own feelings throughout and being open and raw about how coping with loss effects him and others in life.

The atmospheric guitars across the track help add real depth to ‘kick the chair and help return the listener to the layers that take place throughout the grieving process. Staying at the back of the mix yet remaining constant, akin to the feelings of grief and how they never truly leave, life grows around them.

Produced by legendary Glasgow producer Bruce Rintoul, this is a small step in the bands rise to success, with a clear distinct sound and drive to play, I am very sure we will be seeing them headlining bigger venues very soon and playing to massive crowds.

With a show supporting Moonlight Zoo at the Garage Attic on the 26th April, and another at Hive in Edinburgh on the 18th May, there is opportunity to see them all over this spring, and you’d be stupid to miss out on this chance to see them before they get big.