Fife noise rockers Sunstinger are back and better than ever on new single, “The Void”.

If you’ve ever had the chance to see these guys live, you’ll know what they’re all about; huge soundscapes, anthemic hooks, hypnotic grooves, the list goes on. This track is no different. Drenched in atmosphere, this scintillating sonic journey begins with a wild energy that refuses to let up.

With all instruments coming in simultaneously, “The Void” shows no hesitation in getting into full swing. You are left with no choice but to enter the band’s dreamworld, immediately confronted with a wall of sound reminiscent of early shoegaze bands such as The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine and, more recently, DIIV. Amidst this dreamworld lies shimmering guitar tones, lush chords and a punching drive provided by a carefully locked in rhythm section, which really shines through the syncopated rhythms of the verse.

“Drenched in atmosphere, this scintillating sonic journey begins with a wild energy that refuses to let up.”

From a song-writing perspective, Sunstinger have taken themselves to a new level with this track, eclipsing what is already an impressive discography. The main hook will leave you absolutely stunned, with lead singer Taylor Wright repeatedly chanting “The void is calling my name…” in the euphorically haunting fashion that has become his, as well as the band’s, definitive trademark. Lyrically, the song progresses in story-like fashion. From the tracks inviting opening line “Open the door and meet in the garden” to the impending doom of “the last curtain call, the final after all”, it is clear that the intention is to take the listener on a dark voyage through despair and uncertainty. An intention which is undoubtedly achieved. A special mention must be given to the lyric, “The demons danced to the devil’s song, even angels sang along”, because it is just brilliant.

With previous recognition from the likes of Triple J and BBC Radio, the Scottish 4-piece are beginning to make a name for themselves. You can’t help but get the feeling that with every track these guys release they hone further into a sound that is totally their own, so you can rest assured that there’s much more to come from Sunstinger.