The heavy and hard-hitting new double sided single Sunstinger released at the start of March has left an impression I won’t soon forget. The East Scotland-based outfit are notorious for producing luminous soundscapes with grand and noisy melodies, creating an unfound sound that forms itself around and based on a new wave noise sound that I didn’t know I was craving. 

‘Dead For You/ Feel The Sun’ are two chaotic and eclectic tracks that connect to one another seamlessly. Driven by charismatic vocals and a thumping soundscape, ‘Dead For You’ has a vintage sound and feel, giving the band an edge over others within their genre. The five piece created a blend of ethereal vocals and a subdued, sonic soundscape and have developed themselves with every new release. This double single is a bridge between previously released debut EP ‘Beyond the Frame’ and upcoming EP ‘Sink’ and its lyrics touch upon the subject of never feeling good enough in everyday life. ‘Feel The Sun’ is the gentler version of ‘Dead For You’, giving us vocals a la DMA’s-singer Tommy Odell contrasted with a heavier hitting soundscape that sways smoothly from dark and moody to soft and dreamy.

About their new release, lead singer and guitarist Taylor Wright said: “We tend to keep our EP’s to one theme and decided ‘Feel The Sun’ would sit better alongside ‘Dead For You’.” These shimmering noise rock singles bring appeal for both Saturday night revellers and outsiders listening in a dimly lit bedroom on a gloomy weekday evening. These two singles will be followed by shows across the UK, and the release of the earlier mentioned second EP ‘Sink’, featuring the band’s newest member David McCulloch.

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