Formed in January of 2024, Bad Knees are a trio based in Edinburgh, consisting of singer-songwriter Michael Jewitt, drummer David Morris and bassist Matthew McGarry. 

Their first release is their single “Something In The Water”, which is also accompanied by 2 other tracks titled “Rotten Teeth” and “French Bulldog”. 

Their vibe is grunge and alternative rock, and very much a garage band aura about them which I love.

 Their lead song, “Something In The Water” I feel is telling the listener to keep their chin up;

“Boy, it’s not so bad” 

The tune has a catchy chorus and a nice guitar tone. It’s very cymbal orientated and holds a good drum beat throughout. 

Their other 2 songs are very much the same vibe as the lead single, which makes for a good body of work.

With “Rotten Teeth” being a fast paced tune, again very overpowered by cymbals it would be great for a gym session! 

Shouting in songs has become really popular, which is not normally my scene but if you love that sort of thing then the chorus of “French Bulldog” is perfect for you! 

There’s nice snare action at the beginning to get you pumped up and nice syncopation and rhythm change towards the end of the song. 

Overall, I think there’s real potential from this band, I struggled a bit to hear all of the lyrics, but more experience working with sound levels and pronunciation then they will be on their way! 

They have a few gigs coming up that you can get tickets for! 

June 12th – Bannermans, Edinburgh

June 21st – The Globe, Newcastle