Slouch seems to be taking the local scene pretty much by storm over these past few months playing a sold-out show in Sleazy’s, supporting Bad Hombres, hosting their EP launch in a sold-out Priory and venturing down south to play in the beloved Jimmy’s in Manchester. The boys from the south side of Glasgow have been chipping away at the scene for a while and seem to be growing with every release.

The immediate entrance of everyone makes it clear that all 6 (now 5) of them are passionate about what they do and that 3 minutes is clearly not enough time to showcase all of this. I have to admit when I first heard this it was an instant glimpse of summer tune and it felt like pure indie summer nostalgia and something along with the lies of Friendly Fires. Normally I find the boys pretty incomparable to any other band, which I love about them, making them so distinct from everyone else these days, so for me to be able to put a finger on it is something new!

Each part of the song takes you through different wavelengths but Paul’s vocals act as a constant guide keeping you on the path, with his usual Glaswegian twang making an appearance every so often.

Those who are dedicated Slouch fans will know that this is something fresh and unexpected from the boys, in comparison to their previous work such as ”My Shadow” and ”Lucid Trip”. There is always the artistic ability shown that they are not afraid to dabble and experiment into something new, going with the flow to present this new sub-genre category that they could be compared to falling in to.

Slouch is something very special and I reckon these boys could take the world by storm so keep your eyes peeled – and check them out live on Friday 27th in Broadcast for This Feeling.

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