Montreal, Canada’s euphoric standout five-piece, Pottery, are preparing to release their debut album, ‘Welcome to Bobby’s Motel’ on June 26th. Having already released several tracks from the record, starting with the two-part ballistic treat ‘Texas Drums pt1 & pt2’ following onto the edgy ‘Take Your Time’, then the restless ‘Hot Like Jungle’. Now, Pottery are back with another hit, ‘Hot Heater’, a track like no other. This track is straight out of the 1980s, transferring the audience back in time, shifting between groovy vocals and captivating guitar riffs. As the track develops, it changes. Giving us what feels like several different songs within one, starting off slow and then going into a chant, a chant that will be playing continuously in your head. ‘Hot Heater’ is infectious song, highlighting how much potential this bunch have, and how intriguing their sound is. After, altering the release date of the album to a later date, and postponing their headline tour due to COVID-19, they have not let this stop them thriving in our chaotic world.