On the 26th of January, Glasgow trio neverfine is set to release their first single titled ‘Colours’ following their debut EP Do Everything, Feel Nothing. According to the band, the track was supposed to be on the EP but didn’t make the cut in the end. However, after successful live performances of the song, they decided it deserved its own release. 

The lockdown-borne group, comprised of Ashley Palkowski on vocals, Jessica Blinkhorn on keys, and Craig Kelly on guitar and pads, maintains their synth-pop sound in this new track. However, this new single deviates slightly from the obvious rock and metal influences on their previous releases such as ‘Imaginary Friends’ and ‘Silhouettes’ with a mostly softer and melodic sound.

The track tells the well-known tale of looking back on a relationship after having lost someone. Although some of the lyrics are a bit obvious, there are some definite hard-hitting lines such as when Palkowski sings ‘I always knew that it would end this way… There’s nothing I can say, nothing I can do, to get through to you.’

‘Colours’ gains its depth in the last minute as it enters the final refrain and Palkowski’s vocals become bolder over the clarity of an electric guitar. Alongside the metaphor carried throughout the song, the sounds become solidified and compelling, ending on a definitive high note. 

neverfine will celebrate the release of their single on the 26th with a show at King Tut’s in Glasgow alongside acts No Windows, Bogle, and Youth. The up-and-coming group is surely one to follow as they continue to define their own assorted sound.