If you are a fan of classic disco funk tracks from Nile Rodgers and Chic, love Cory Wong and enjoy hints of smooth soul from Bruno Mars Silk Sonic then Sonny Leto should be added to your music playlists now.

Having just been signed to Electric Honey Records this was the Scot’s Italian stallion Sonny Leto‘s fist offering with brand new single Love That Set Me Free. I have the Instagram algorithm to thank for bringing this sweet sound to my attention. There is no soft start for this incredibly talented 9 piece band, they have come out all guns blazing, this track is set up perfectly to be your summer soundtrack.

Sonny Leto & his Funk Militia are here to seriously funk things up.

Kicking off the track is some super fresh wah wah guitar as the signature horn sound come banging on the door with a statement intro riff really reminding me of The Haggis Horns or Phantom Horns; powerful and bold horn lines which add real spice as the track builds.

Sonny Leto has a powerful voice and vocal range which is backed up superbly by the addition of female vocals perfectly placed throughout, adding real texture to the tune.

There is a lot happening in this track; grooving walking bass lines, rhytmic guitar, punchy horn riffs and syncopated drum beats that make you want to move. A tune worthy of re-listening has a WOW moment that makes you repeat and rewind. I was torn in Love that set me free if this was the flawless execution of the chromatic run down at the bridge or if it was the strikingly fun call and response with the horns and keys in the outro that provided the biggest funky flair.

It is evident that the funk militia are absolutely in the pocket, not lacking at all in the groove department. An exceptionally talented 9 piece band that appear to be in complete rhythmic sync, a real funk collective who play with such soul and purpose! The tune itself is all kinds of modern funk, it’s a; put your sunglasses on, wind down the window and blast this on full, pretending you are in a movie kind of song that exudes finesse.

With such a unique sound from Sonny Leto and the Funk Militia, it’s amazing to see more funk and disco sounds fresh out of Scotland. If a recorded track can grab my attention as much as this did then I am very excited to catch this band live as I am certain it will be more amazing to see songs like this played out on stage.

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