Single Review | Kyoshi Station | Wrong Again

Wrong Again single artwork

There is always a way back from negative thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Wrong Again‘ is the latest track from Edinburgh rock band, Kyoshi Station. It comes after their first studio album “Impostors” which was released in February 2022. The tune has quickly become the group’s most streamed song yet, with over 10,000 listens so far. It is clear to see why this is.

The pleasant and uplifting melody begins the track. There is a catchy element to this sound which makes it very memorable. It is a song that contains lyrics surrounding various relatable concepts. It talks primarily of reflection, doubt, and acceptance of ourselves. While it is very easy to doubt and criticise ourselves, Kyoshi Station have created lyrics that tell us its okay to accept the things that go wrong. Once we accept that we were “wrong again“, we can move past this and onto more pleasant feelings.

I’m over, I’m through, at the back of the queue” is the first lyric in the track. It effectively describes starting over and new beginnings, whether these were meant or not. This is something that I’m sure many people have experienced, getting to know someone then having to start it all again with someone else. Throughout the verses, the lyrics repeat “wrong again“. The way this is done is almost like we are seeing someone’s thought process.

The lyric “dissolved into me just like salt in the sea” could apply to to several things. In the context of the song, this could mean that the mindset of self-doubt and criticism is embedded, the process of continuously criticising our own thoughts and feelings is part of us.

However, there is a shift in the lyrics that begins to represent a more hopeful and positive mindset. The lyric “I don’t think there’s any way back from this” changes later in the track to “there’s so many ways to come back from this“. The previous lyric of “dissolved into me” also changes to “dissolved into you“. This emphasises that self-reflection can help us understand our feelings. This could then be used as experiences to look back on, teaching ourselves, and others, that these feelings and emotions are okay.

Wrong Again‘ is an amazing track. It has a goldmine of lyrics that can be used to help us understand our doubtful and negative attitudes towards ourselves. The change in the lyrics also signifies that we too can change our mindsets. The track encourages a positive and motivational self-image, and emphasises that there is always a way back from negative thoughts, feelings and emotions.