Dundee funk/fusion quintet Jutebox recently released their third single, “Adore” 

Adore is the third single released by Dundee funk/fusion quintet Jukebox. The single follows on from 2023’s Only You and Lover. Over the last year, Jutebox have performed across the country and established themselves as an integral part of Dundee’s music scene. Those lucky enough to catch Jutebox live have witnessed firsthand the lively energy executed by the band.  

Adore has a high-energy funk-pop vibe. Using the fundamentals from previous releases, whilst approaching the songwriting process from a new angle has led to this triumphant third release. Listeners can expect an upbeat tune with warmth, feel, and belonging. The song connects people and will no doubt have crowds singing along to the catchy melody. The band have ambitions to tour nationally and play at festivals. Keep your eyes and ears peeled when festival planning. It would not surprise me to hear Jutebox’s Adore whilst wandering through the fields, and if you do – I’d recommend getting involved.