Single Review | High Fade | Healer

Healer involves an immaculate accumulation of musical concepts.

Healer is the newest single by Edinburgh funk band, High Fade. At over five and a half minutes, it is definitely longer than the majority of singles out there. However, High Fade are a group that have never followed the norm. They have always stood out musically from other groups and artists, but only for the most positive reasons. Healer is no exception.

Differing from previous track, Sharpen Up, this newer single sways slightly from the primarily funk genre. While elements of reggae/funk are present, this recent release seems to focus on rock more than the previous genres. This track also has lyrics, the former tune does not. This works, though, because the stories each song portray are different from the other. However, the Edinburgh band have a rare talent where they can create a growing discography that fits into multiple genres and categories. They make each of these categories their own and are able to seamlessly incorporate their own twist.

It starts off with frontman, Harry Valentino, playing guitar on his own. This progresses to include a powerful start from drummer Calvin Davidson and bassist Oliver Sentance. Davidson excels like he normally does, the steady rhythm that is consistent throughout. Sentance follows the melody previously set out by Valentino, creating a smooth harmonise.

The lyrics throughout re-create feelings of believing you’d be able to treat somebody better than they are currently experiencing. Lyrics like “does he do the things that I do for you?” and “the way he treats you just ain’t fair” paint this picture. While there is a lot to listen to in this song, nothing is overpowering and the words are still able to be heard very clearly.

We can also hear Valentino resembling singers such as ACDC’s former singer Bon Scott in the form of screams. He does these multiple times throughout the track, including at the very start of the song, after his solo playing. This helps with providing more of an edge that makes the single stand out further.

Valentino ends the song with his distinctive musical talents. He makes the guitar come alive for the final portion of the song with an electrifying solo. What makes this song stand out for me is the equality among the band members and that you can hear the influence each of them have input. Healer involves an immaculate accumulation of musical concepts, I had this on repeat as soon as it was released.