Single Review | High Fade | Dwee Ba Ba

Dwee Ba Ba cover art

Dwee Ba Ba is an addictive addition to High Fade’s already diverse discography.

High Fade’s fifth single is one of their most addictive yet. At 2:40, it is also their shortest track to date. However, the Edinburgh group truly know how to pack a punch even in a short amount of time. There is a certain beauty with High Fade’s tunes. They are all produced and blended so intricately that every instrumental contribution can be heard individually. I’ve heard many tracks from other artists or groups where there is one instrument or even vocals that appears to undermine the rest. This never happens with High Fade, even with the power each of the trio have behind their respective instruments.

Dwee Ba Ba further proves this as Calvin Davidson’s drumming clearly drives and upholds the tempo and rhythm of the track. This is accompanied by much more pronounced bass from bassist Oliver Sentance. This helps the song present a much heavier funk feel than previous tunes. While their other four singles are a fusion of rock and funk, this latest one definitely feels more focused on funk elements. Throughout, you also cannot ignore Harry Valentino’s signature, show-stopping guitar work. It is also incredibly impressive to hear him singing in time along with his solos.

Having heard Dwee Ba Ba live before it was released, I think it is one of those songs that sounds phenomenal in a live and studio setting. When hearing it live, I’ve further witnessed the sheer level of effort that each member of the band input when creating this song. Every time High Fade have released a single, I think I’ve heard everything they could possibly do. But each time, I am amazed by how much more they have to give. I am, as always, excited to see what else High Fade can do!!