The ‘FOX’ is back with a bang with his first release of 2024!

If you have been paying enough attention to the Scottish music scene you are bound to have seen Luke La Volpe appearing all over shows! Having been seen on the same stages as Lewis Capaldi, The Snuts and Tom Walker whilst appearing at many of the UK’s most prestiges music festivals. The West Lothian musician has certainly put in some shift and has climbed the musical ladder.

Fans were starting to get wrestles as there hadn’t been new tunes since the ‘Lifelines‘ EP in 2022. Luke La Volpe teased on social media in ‘breaking news’ that he was MIA and people had growing concerns for the musician. The BEST social media campaign leading up to a single I’d seen.

Having done an incredible tour for Music Venue Trust (in which Luke is a patron for) up and down the UK in Summer 2023 he spent the rest of the year hiding away writing and we, the listener, are now reaping the rewards of the creative process.

Good For You was written with Luke’s band mate and long term collaborator Cieran McEneny, producing the track with Scotlands finest Bruce Rintoul and Craig McMahon (Josef).

As ever Luke’s songwriting is deep, relatable to listeners; Good for you; explores the highs and lows of life. Unsure what to really do while everyone around you seems to have an opinion.

The powerful intro and guitar effects evoke a nostalgic 80s vibe. When the chorus drops, it’s incredibly impactful and immediately grabs your attention. Good for you was worth the wait and shows a slightly different direction to earlier released singles, it’s heavier with guitar and keys. Under pinnings of indie style but Luke’s own love of swing and soul can absolutely be heard throughout.

I can’t feel what’s real anymore. You don’t wanna get too high, too low, if you know whats good for you”

However, the bridge in this song took me by surprise and made me rewind to re-listen to that particular part of the tune. The skillful use of dynamics, where the instruments are stripped back to highlight Luke’s vocals, building up to a powerful and explosive chorus.

Luke La Volpe has a noticeably unique voice and style which sets him apart from anything else going on in the music scene. Luke has a real gift for song writing and with a talented team of musicians around him, I feel there is far more good things to come.

For anyone that got tickets for his SOLD out King Tuts show in December you are in for a real treat!

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