Single Review | Friends | Milkmaid Merchant

Scottish multi-instrumentalist Derry Creane, who goes by Milkmaid Merchant, recently released debut single “Friends” in a true soft rock/jungle style. This song can’t leave a true music lover indifferent. Assuming you asked “Why?”, my response is simple: when an artist plays all of the instruments used in a song, when the artist writes his own lyrics, when an artist releases his song independently and on top of that being raw and vulnerable through it, you simply sit back and admire the true art of songwriting. Derry touches on sensitive subjects of loneliness, isolation and how much time is spent being cooped up and feeling like we aren’t enough! This song is just made to kick back with a glass of strong, or not so much, beverage and give into those feelings, leaving the stress behind. Or perhaps to get out of the house and drive away into the sunset whilst thinking of all the past mistakes and self-reflection. This song will hug you with warm and calm guitar riffs, as well as the deep toned base. Soft, clean and assuring vocals, comfort the listener and almost make you feel like “We are in this together. You are not alone”. We are excited to see what else is in store for this experienced musician and music technician Derry, aka Milkmaid Merchant. And for now, enjoy the dreamy and comforting single on most streaming platforms.