Single Review | Former Champ | Hold On

Hold On single artwork

Hold On‘ is Former Champ‘s first single since the release of their debut EP “Vol. 1” in January of this year. The Glasgow based quintet fuses foundations with an Irish singer fronting a group otherwise made up of Scots. The supergroup includes members from bands including Savage Mansion, Secret Motorbikes and Catholic Action. Accompanying Irish vocalist Claire McKay on this catchy and memorable tune are Ryan Clark, Andrew MacPherson, Paul McGinness and Craig Angus.

Live music seems to be one of Former Champ’s many talents. Along with the creation of captivating musical material, the band have created a real buzz surrounding their live performances. This has previously included a sold out headliner in Glasgow’s Hug and Pint.

As with many bands, Former Champ pay homage to a variety of musical influences and inspirations. With ‘Hold On‘, there are nods to bands like The Strokes, Thin Lizzy and The Cranberries. Through repeated riffs and driving drumming, the track is one that is difficult not to move along to whether it be foot-tapping or head-nodding.

The simplicity of ‘Hold On‘ not only makes it easy to enjoy, it also allows listeners to understand everything that McKay is singing. Catchy choruses meet vibrant verses with lyrics like “at least you’ve got somebody to love“. The eclectic energy that the track provides is mixed with the message of being patient and slowing down. Life is often fast paced, as we all know, but this tune serves the idea that we can take everything as it comes, and not rush through things.

At just under two and a half minutes, you definitely have to listen to this newest track at least a couple of times to fully appreciate the talent and effect.