Edinburgh-based alternative rockers Felix and The Sunsets are back with their final single from their highly anticipated EP.

The trio composed of Felix Christie, Max Wilson and Sean Logan have been active members of the Scottish music scene since 2018 with already an impressive backlog of singles under their belt with ‘Pass Me My Matches’ being the fourth and final single from their most recent EP. 

The track follows ‘Leaving on the Next Train’’ and offers a powerful exploration of old school blues that immediately takes the listener back to the 60’s from the first few bars. The track features a recurring organ part that adds a mysterious and smoky tone to the piece that you find yourself listening out for as the song develops. Around the three minute mark, a fantastic guitar solo kicks off that completely sweeps you into the feel of the song and truly does transport you to a different time. 

Lyrically, right from the first line you are intrigued to follow the story that the melody line is about to navigate with founder Felix Christie’s vocals conveying a beautiful sense of pain and emotion with lyrics such as, ‘My mind was smoking, I was barely there’ and ‘Pass me my matches, I think I missed a spot.” The dark undertones of the lyrics correspond perfectly with the emotive vocal line

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