The summer may feel like it’s already over, but get ready to tackle those post-heatwave blues with this upbeat and easy-going debut from indie boys Easy Days. Released fittingly on the first day of summer, Cherry Lemonade is a great light-and-breezy tune to add to any sunny day playlist.

From the get-go Cherry Lemonade has a very nostalgic feel- Easy Days are heavily influenced by 80’s favourites which really comes across in the opening riff. The lyrics will remind you of those long days in the summer sun, chilling with friends and being carefree. The main body of the song is pure indie goodness with a few tasty corners thrown in the mix to keep it fresh. The track keeps its momentum with a short but building bridge that launches us back into one last chorus. Overall the song is light and fun, but with a bittersweet feeling that grounds it nicely.

Stop the clocks and let’s get away, I cannot wait another day

Easy Days might be new on the scene but are off to a very promising start with Cherry Lemonade, and to top it off their first gig at Broadcast in September is already sold out. Can’t get enough? Their second single, L-O-V-E, will be dropping on the 27th of August, so make sure to follow their socials for updates!