Single Review | Each Confide | You & I

Glasgow’s Dreampop Synth duo Each Confide are starting off 2024 with a bang! 

CC. Each Confide

Following on from a superb 2023, spending 16 weeks at #1 on the Amazing Radio US Charts, Each Confide are back with a tremendous catchy new single in “You & I”.

The song focuses on a personal conversation in a time of trouble, highlighted in the lyrically brilliant chorus: “Nowhere to go/Your mind’s in trouble/Don’t you think so?/Cos you’re too scared of being alone/No need to lie/You’re in denial/Think you need a second/Let’s work this out just you & I.

Vocoders and harmonies are used throughout the song, which give it a unique feel and also help to portray the emotion throughout. The track itself is a brilliant listen, and one in which will no doubt be stuck in your head for weeks to come!

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