Dundee trio Vienna drop a reflective ‘heart break’ sing – a – long summer tune.

Vienna are a fairly new band to come out of Sunny Dundee but ‘Dreaming of You‘ is their second single release. They lean heavily into the fun alternative indie pop style, creatively intertwining musical genres to create their own unique sound.

The band suggest they draw significant musical inspiration from artists such as Fleetwood Mac, BoyGenious and Noah Kahan which I feel can be heard in the vocal melodies and music.

‘The song was written about looking back on a time in life
when you went through a bad break up, you know it was
for the best but from time to time you find yourself
thinking back on the memories you had with that person.
The lyrics were written looking back on personal
experiences I’ve had in my own life.’
– Steph Brand (Singer)

Dreaming of You is more laid back than their previous release ‘Surviving in the Dark‘, Steph taking on most of the lead vocals throughout. This track really will be relatable to anyone who’s ever had their heart broken and undoubtedly provides an opportunity for reflection whilst listening to the dreamy track.

"I miss when you laugh, I miss when you cry. I remember your face at our last goodbye see you walk away from the time of your life when you loved me"

Jamie Mayes (keys) piano breakdown was cleverly placed in the track, offering a ‘softer’ section in the song and a chance for Steph’s emotionally rich vocal to really shine through while the track builds back up around her again for the final chorus and outro.

What stands out to me about Vienna is the presence of two vocal leads, Darren Lindsey and Steph Brand. They complement each other beautifully and have clearly dedicated time to perfecting their harmonies, which are truly impressive. I hope they continue to capitalize on this strength, as their vocal work is what sets them apart from other bands currently.

Stick on Dreaming of you, go for a drive, with the windows down and soak up some summer sounds.

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