Single Review | Dillon Squire | Little Birdy

Glasgow based Dillon Squire brings the summer vibes with his second single ‘Little Birdy’

After releasing his debut single ‘Allison Arms’ towards the end of 2022, Dillon Squire talks relationships, romance and all the troubles these things bring with them in his new release ‘Little Birdy.’ You may recognise the 25-year-old songwriter as the former frontman of Heavy Rapids, Dillon is no stranger to the stage. He already has a King Tut’s show under his belt as a solo performer. There will be a few opportunities to catch Dillon live this year including Saint Luke’s All Dayer in June.

Dillon describes ‘Little Birdy’ lyrically as a song that ‘explores the depths of insecurity and anxiousness in love’. This is the theme through the verses and pre-chorus before we hit a chorus that will live rent-free in your head for hours afterwards. You will sing along and you’ll move to the beat, potentially with tears streaming due to the lyrics that so many will be able to relate to. If his first two songs are anything to go by, Dillon Squire will be the name on everyone’s lips very, very soon.