Released on the 8th of May, David Luximon’s spectacular charity single titled Duty of Care, which we highly recommend you have a listen to if you haven’t heard it yet. The track was brought out in light of the current Covid-19 crises and all proceedings will be going to Age UK and Age Scotland. It’s fuelled with psychedelic optimism that resonates with us all, as we try to adhere to our current unfamiliar climate. 

David Luximon, also known by his moniker Vive La Rose, is no stranger to the Scottish music industry (Last Night From Glasgow/Hive Records) and this track does not fall short of demonstrating his capabilities.  The track starts off softly. Twinkling chimes can be heard in the background as we begin to drift amongst playful bongos, wispy vocals and a smooth baseline. About halfway through, the guitar vamps up as we sore into the main instrumental section oozing influence from the likes of David Axelrod. The song lasts five minutes but takes you on a journey emanating escapism, positivity and empathy. ‘This is about you, about us’ can be heard in the distance.

The track was recorded with, and mixed by, Oliver Betts (Duke Spirit) and mastered by Neil Pickles. It comes alongside the Ashley Lockdown Remix by Max Harris Project. This infectious addition is exactly what anyone craving more needs; what begins as a heavier version, spins out into a pleasing seven-minute epic. Edinburgh-born, David Luximon is currently working on a new album of the same name, Duty of Care, which we look forward to hearing in due time. In the meantime, you can keep up to date with his work via his socials linked below.

Proceedings will go to Age UK/Age Scotland who are currently doing essential work under incredibly difficult circumstances, ensuring that the elderly and isolated among us continue to be supported and maintain access to food in these difficult times.