Aberdeen’s own Connor Clark and The Matador Kings have released their newest single, “Crawling.” Lead singer, Connor, describes it to be their most ‘indie-inspired’ track so far. Hailing likeness from iconic bands such as The Verve and Oasis, ‘Crawling’ is definitely the song that displays the band’s talents successfully.

From the start, the track is bursting with catchy choruses and guitar riffs. The use of a delay pedal on the overdriven guitar adds an unforgettable sound to the track. These features are what make the track so memorable. Perhaps the most noteworthy melody of the track is the chorus’ “Crawling back to you.” The relatability of the lyrics also adds personality to ‘Crawling.’ Once again, Clark told us about the meaning behind the lyrics; “It’s about making mistakes, swallowing your pride and moving forward.”

The band started gigging in and around Aberdeen but are now setting their paths on cities like Glasgow and Manchester. With an upcoming gig at Cafe Drummond’s alongside bands like The Rah’s and The Dead Shadows, they’ll be sure to share their powerful songs on stage after a while of not performing live.

Connor Clark and The Matador Kings have once again cemented their significance in the Scottish music scene. ‘Crawling’ sounds like nothing we’ve heard from them before, and I love the new branching out. I’m sure we all can’t wait to hear more from the band.

In the meantime, check out ‘Crawling’ below!

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