Single Review | Cloth | Pigeon

This track from the Glasgow duo is beautifully written and produced.

This is the first song I personally have heard by Cloth, Glasgow born twins Rachael and Paul Swinton. It is an incredible track that isn’t as simple as it first seems.

The singing from Rachael Swinton is, to a degree, quite haunting. This makes more of an impact on the lyrics. There is a lot of symbolism that goes on with the lyrics, which seem to be about working through a situation rather than running away. Whether meant or not, Pigeons are a great symbol of this as they fly away from situations and don’t tend to stay in one place for long.

The lyrics are also saying that even those who appear to be the strongest are going through their own difficult circumstances, “this doesn’t last, lion, I know what you’ve been through”. Words like these are reassuring and explain that every feeling is temporary and won’t last forever. The calmness and more talkative tone of Swinton’s voice is as though she is there for the listener, and isn’t judgemental.

“Breathe in now, sleep in now, honey”, is comforting, like its sung by a friend or loved one. It’s telling us that everything will be alright and not to let those emotions control us. Also discussed is a familiar situation to lots of people, where we are waiting for something else to happen. The lyrics “you’re just now waiting for something else to come along,” are talking to the listener. These words make us aware that others relate to what some are currently experiencing.

This track from the Glasgow duo is beautifully written and produced. It discusses mental health, something which is still often a taboo subject. The concept of flight or fight is mentioned throughout. The lyrics say it’s okay to stay and fight your way through certain feelings or emotions, running away might not solve anything. Its consoling sound and words will give comfort to those in a situation similar to what the song describes.