Beldon Haigh tackles the issues of the superficial in new track ‘Paper Tiger’.

Throughout the new track, the issue of image and illusion, the want to be seen in a certain way and maintain this exterior figure is addressed in the lyrics. The listener themselves is confronted and asked ‘Looking in the mirror, what do you see?’, pulling them into the narrative and inviting them to consider the meaning behind the words.

Musically, the track is catchy and melodic, flowing through guitar riffs and dreamy drum fills. Through vocals and riffs, the song is a catchy number with a repetitive chorus seducing the listener. Melodically inviting, the tracks potentially confronting lyrics are paired with the steady beat. The track is brought together by the band, featuring lead singer and songwriter Justin Skelton, Fiona Lynch on vocals and backing vocals, keyboard and horns brought by Dru Baker, Jimmy Green with guitar, Kevin Jefferies on bass and Jon Howells behind the drums.

Beldon Haigh use music as a media to confront current affairs and modern issues. This is done creatively and with passion, exhibited through sound and video. ‘Paper Tiger’ is the latest track to take on a relevant topic, addressing the longstanding issue of putting a version of yourself forward in society, which today is fuelled further by modern widespread use of social media.

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